Information Technology Chair Role

The IT Chair oversees all technology needs of STB to conduct its business. This includes things such as:

  • box - to enable text file sharing for easy reference and pointer to website for additional file storage
  • email - special STB email setup to enable simple communications
  • Google Gsuite - to enable meetings and additional sharing
  • Mural - to enable interactive collaboration
  • website - to handle the plumbing required to maintain the web presences

The IT Chair will be responsible for providing access and tool usage information for the rest of the organization. The chair also recruits and organizes other volunteers in the IT committee in corporation with the liaison to achieve these tasks.

The primary role the chair will interact with is the webmaster. The webmaster will be responsible for all things that work with the website. Other roles within IT area may include technical resources to help maintain the various technologies. IT committee chair will work with the communications committee to help with publication of articles on the website in collaboration with the webmaster.

These roles represent our need for others to join the committee:

  • webmaster
  • other technical tool owners

Time required - The IT Committee chair role is estimated to require 10 hours per month.But the chair is able to define their tasks and hours in collaboration with the rest of the committee and the liaison.

If you have interests in the IT committee, please reach out to our current our liaison. thanks