Our Education Program has transitioned from all students being supported by education funds provided by Share the Blessings to a direct sponsorship program where individuals, groups or organizations like yourself directly sponsor children.  To support our students we work through the St Francis Program based in Uganda and coordinated by Fr. Joseph Kakooza. Through the St Francis Program and parish priest at St. Joseph’s Cathedral Parish in Kasana-Luweero Diocese, we currently sponsor 40 orphaned or at-risk students throughout Uganda.

Our vision is to provide direct correspondence - a connection between students and sponsors. Our hope is that both entities in this sponsor relationship will share whether that be blessings, insight or prayers. At this point we still have several children that are not receiving the benefits of direct sponsorship and there are many more children that we would like to reach as well. Please consider being a direct sponsor! To become a sponsor print, complete and mail our Education Sponsorship Brochure or for more information on the page at this link select and complete our contact form.

 Sponsorship Rates for 2016-17

  • Non-Boarding Primary School Student: $150/year, $12.50/month
  • Boarding Primary School Student: $450/year, $37.50/month
  • Non-Boarding Secondary School Student: $300/year, $25/month
  • Boarding Secondary School Student: $450/year, $37.50/month
  • Tertiary/Seminary Student: $450/year, $37.50/month