Several Exciting things happening on the Clean Water Front!

First we have a new Clean Water Chair - watch this space for information about our new clean water chair!

Second we are sure that spending a year in Uganda will give the Carney family an unending treasure. Well the Carney's gave an unending treasure as well. They the Carney family in Uganda and those here in the States are the first to raise funds and construct a well in their family name with us! So while Jay and family may be on the home stretch of their year in Uganda, they are leaving families in Uganda with a most precious gift - clean water!

Finally our new clean water chair came on board and is already helping us to finalize approval for a well - St Jude Wakataama Primary School. We will have more information on that well once the approval is finalized. The first attempt of approval had some challenges but appears we are well on our way to approval with the help our new chair!