Retail ROI donates to Share the Blessings' Clean Water Program in 2017

 I recently became the chair of the Clean Water Program for Share the Blessings, and am excited about the progress we’ve made so far in 2017! Retail ROI has given us another generous donation. We already have two wells at different stages in our process from Retail ROI's 2016 donation. With the 2017 donation from Retail ROI we able to construct 1 and a half wells! Thus we are also pursuing funds to compliment the Retail ROI 2017 donation to construct a second well and meet out annual goal of 2 wells. If you would like to help please contact us!

 We hope to expand to other areas of Africa with our Clean Water program in the next couple of years, specifically Kenya. I lived near Nairobi for six months a few years ago, and saw the need particularly in areas of the Great Rift Valley. We are hoping to expand there within the next year, and are excited about the possibility of helping even more villages to have access to basic, clean water. At this point, we are waiting for our in-country contacts among the Missionary Benedictine Sisters to respond, and hopefully they can coordinate on the ground for us!

 I am excited about helping with Share the Blessings, especially as the wells start to come together! Again, our thanks to Retail ROI for their donation, which allows us to continue with this work!

In Christ,